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Wilford Woodruff Family Association

Our Mission

The Purpose of a family meeting  and organization. 

(1) Promote the Spirit of Love and fraternal brotherhood (and sisterhood) among the members

(2) Hold Family Reunions to become better acquainted

(3) Compile the History of the Family

(4) Promote Geneological (Family History) Research

(5) Connect Family Lines

(6) Raise Funds for Family History 

Woodruff Family Meeting 1923

Our Vision

As a Family Association we are requesting the following:

  • Please share any interesting Family stories or personal experiences relating to the Woodruff Family

  • Announcing Family Events Associated with the Family Organization

  • Share ideas for Family Reunions that you held this past year

  • Send us a picture of your missionary currently serving 

  • Requesting Addresses & Emails of Family Relatives so they can be notified of upcoming events

  • Request for Ideas for future Family Events

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